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Considering the critical importance for biodiversity conservation in the northern part of Darchula district, the Government of Nepal declare of Api Nampa Conservation Area (ANCA) on 12 July, 2010. Its is named after two famous Himalayan peaks Api and Nampa. Api Nampa Conservation Areas head office is located in Khalanga, Darchula. ANCA’s management is being performed under the Conservation Area Government Management Regulation 2057 BS (2000 AD). A Conservation Area represents human’s sublime idea of giving space and resource for the other species to live in an un-interfered manner. Establishment of Api Nampa Conservation Area is a good initiative to harmonize conservation and development in an integrated way. ANCA is located between 29° 30’ to 30° 15’ North Latitude and 80° 22’ to 81° 09’ East Longitude, in the Far-Western Development Region and characterized an ecologically diverged region of Nepal. Api Nampa Conservation Area occupies 1,903 sq. km. of Darchula district that varies in altitudes from 539 to 7,132 meters.


The goal of the Api Nampa Conservation Area is to conserve the unique flora and fauna, biodiversity, perpetuation of ecosystem of the northern part of Darchula district and to contribute reducing poverty of this region.

Objectives of ANCA

•    To improve livelihoods and contribute to reduce poverty of the region by launching conservation activities.

•    To conserve, manage, regulate and wise use of unique natural resources of northern part of Darchula district.

•    To conserve endangered species of wild fauna and flora in natural state.

•    To include representative ecosystem of the Far Western Region of the country in the protected area network.

•    To promote Conservation Area tourism, cultural heritage and natural assets in Darchula district.

•    To conduct research on biological and social components of the Conservation Area.


The river Mahakali flows along the western boundary and Bajhang and Baitadi district joins in the east boundary. International boundary exists in the north with china and Lasku and Naugad lies in the western boundary of the ANCA.

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