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The climate of the area is generally characterized by high rainfall and humidity. The climatic condition varies along with the elevation gradient. Climate of the Darchula District varies widely from subtropical to alpine. In the north, most of the parts remain under snow having alpine climate. In the southern part and valleys the climate is subtropical. Mid- hills has temperate type. The average maximum temperature is 18.6ºC and the minimum temperature is 7.7ºC and average rainfall is 2129mm. Most precipitation falls between May and September.
About eighty percent of the total annual rainfall occurs during monsoon period (June to September). All areas experience very high rainfall intensities, ranging between estimates of 125-350 mm for a 24 hour period.
Within its elevation range of 1800m to 6500m, there are limited subtropical valleys in the southern margin although most of the area is ecologically temperate or highland. A cold, generally dry climate exists in the high alpine valleys just north of the southern arm of the Himalaya that cuts across the bottom of Darchula.

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