Ethnic Composition

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The major caste groups of Darchula District are Brahmin, Chhetries, Dalit, Thakuri, Lohar, Kaine, Newar, Byansi, Bandhe, Sanyasi etc. Among them 85.19% HHs are Brahmin/Chheties/Thakuri, 10% Dalits, 0.12% Sauka and others are occupational caste groups. Sauka are indigenous inhabitant’s caste group. The indigenous caste groups are dominated by migrants from another villages.
The Dalits (7.35%) and Thakuri (7.43%) shares equal proportion and occupy the second largest group in the total population. Indigenous groups Byansi represent 1.32%, Lohar 1.38% and other minorities’ correspondent to 1.48 percent.  Dalits are also defined as the Special Target Groups (STGs).

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