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Api Nampa Conservation Area is a famous gateway of Kailash Mansarobar holly region located in Tibet. Many pilgrims pass through this Conservation Area to get Kailash Pravat. Not only Nepalese but also foreigners visit Api Nampa Conservation Area to acqure satisfaction, sprituality and boon of the nature.
First European, A. H. Savage Landor entered Nampa valley in 1899 and explored the glacier system. He travelled across the Tinkar valley and entered Tibet via Lipu pass. In 1905, Dr. Longstaff visited this region. Then Swiss geologists A. Heim and A. Gansser visited Api himal area in 1936.
The height of Api Himal at the top is calculated 23,399 ft. John Tyson and W. H. Murray explored this region in 1953. Api group has been creating lure to tourists due to the geological feature blending with nature and natural assests. Sauka culture is also attraction for tourist.
You can visit Api Himal either going via Darchula Bazar, Huti, Sunsera, Rapla to Base Camp. It takes five days to reach there or going via Bitule, Makari gad, Ghusa village, Domilla, to Lolu at the Base Camp. Panaromic view of Himalays created by several peaks like Nampa, Jethi Bahurani and others. Beauty of this landform is unfogateble.

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